HCA Bettering The Human Condition

Part of our ongoing commitment to providing quality patient care lies in promoting a healthy work environment for our teams and offering unlimited potential for individual career growth and professional advancement.

As we value your honor, integrity and commitment to your duties as protectors of our country, we encourage all of our military veterans and active duty personnel to make the transition back into the civilian workforce with a career at HCA.

HCA Hiring Veterans At HCA
It's because of what you do, the decisions you've made, of the gifts you've given to the country, that all of us have the freedoms that we have. — Richard Bracken, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HCA

Turning Experience Into Unlimited Potential

Our veteran-focused hiring is designed to understand the military experience so that managers and recruiters can better ascertain which opportunities veterans would be best suited. Helping you transition to these roles will enable you a successful career in the civilian workforce.

Currently with more than 10,000 available jobs, HCA provides opportunity to veterans of all military branches in patient care, supply chain and logistics, IT, engineering and technical, administrative and managerial, sales, finance and accounting, environmental, plant ops, HR and many more.

HCA Hiring Veterans At HCA
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